Completion of Open Food Source v1.0.0

This morning marks the long-awaited completion of OFS-v1.0.0, which has been delayed for want of a few basic features that made it difficult to use previously. While it is still not perfect – what is? – it can now stand on its own.

Included with this new release are the following features, and many more:

    • Front-end for scheduling and editing ordering cycles (this is probably the single milestone that kept the software from being declared v1 earlier).
    • Interface to automatically record credits made through PayPal, for installations using that feature.
    • Interface to connect with WordPress database to provide Open Food Source member capabilities into the WordPress CMS.
    • Exposed accounting system and full chart of account for managing finances more closely.Improved product image assignment and processing. Images, which have been stored only in the database, can now be mirrored at a specified size on the web server and served directly, instead of loading the database for each image access.

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