Introducing the Open Food Federation

With the release of version 1.0 of Open Food Source (OFS) software earlier this year, several food hubs have expressed interest in exploring a grassroots collaboration for food hub resources. We are calling this concept the Open Food Federation and have drafted a purpose statement to begin the discussion:

“To provide transparent technologies to local
food networks using the OFS software.”

In short, the Federation would provide enhanced services and support to local food hubs with minimal overhead and maximum flexibility and freedom to increase their economic competitiveness. The Federation will operate to leverage resources and cooperation between local food hubs who use the OFS software in order to provide them with open, collaborative, and sustainable products and services in four cornerstone areas:

  • Create and provide support to the OFS software user community
  • Create and provide support and direction to an OFS software developer community
  • Ensure OFS project sustainability and continuity
  • Provide additional value-added services to OFS Federation members and non-members (examples include: group web hosting, group liability insurance plans; shared membership benefits network, merchant services packages and integration)

To review some of the principles underlying the Open Food Federation, please see the Open Food Federation White Paper. Note that this information is only provided as a starting point for discussion and does not dictate a necessary direction for the Federation project.

The benefits offered by the Federation are intended to help each organization and will depend upon the total level of participation. As with all investments, some up-front commitment will be needed before the rewards come to fruition.

Please respond ASAP (preferably before Wednesday, March 4) to indicate your willingness to participate in this creative process. We believe a steering committee composed of representative from diverse food hubs will be the ideal instrument to establish a solid Federation of OFS-driven food hubs. We request your participation in this steering committee or suggestions for other ways to participate in the creation of the Federation.

The response we receive to this call for interest will determine the pathway forward for the Open Food Source project.

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Roy Guisinger & Ethan Young

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