Food Hubs

Posts concerning food hubs, including Federation members and others who use Open Food Source or other Open Food products and services.

Open Food Community

We now have groups for OFS Users Federation Members up and running.  Each group serves as hub for communications, collaboration and support, consisting of: A facebook-like social network An associated online forum A collaborative document system and A wiki space All community features can be accessed from the top of any page, under the “Community”…

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Open Invitation: Federation Founders’ Meeting

In the wake of releasing Open Food Source version 1.0, we invite all supporters of local and open food systems to join us in mid-June as we create an Open Food Federation (Federation), an open technology solutions network for local food hubs everywhere, to better support food hubs who depend upon the OFS software for…

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Introducing Farm2Table Trading Post

A new site using Open Food Source has recently begun to accept orders in Colorado State. Originally taking orders with a Square marketplace, converted over to OFS and had their first order cycle on January 24. Focusing primarily on meat sales, the Trading Post finds Open Food Source software well-suited to their unique business…

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Co-operation Among Co-operatives

The sixth of the seven guiding principles of Co-ops, is Co-operation among Co-operatives. “Co-operatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the co-operative movement by working together through local, national, regional, and international structures.” Last week, the CLFC Board of Directors & the Food Security Research Network arranged to have Roy & Caryl Guisinger from…

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