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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So far, we haven’t been asked any questions, so there are no “frequent” questions to list. As time goes on, we will compile the list here. Thanks for your patience.

Questions not answered above

Please direct your questions to us through the contact form.

Alternately, you can register and log in to use the comments section of most pages.


This website includes

Human resources contributed to Open Food Source

  • Code contributions by Emma McCauley (Local Food Co-op software).
  • Code contributions by Roy Guisinger 2007.
  • Code contributions and reformatting by Jeff Farbman.
  • Code reformatting by Brenda Rae.
  • Many others. This list will be extended as names of prior contributors are compiles. Be sure notify us if you should be included here.

Software, libraries, and media incorporated with Open Food Source

  • JQuery

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