Open Food Community

We now have groups for OFS Users Federation Members up and running.  Each group serves as hub for communications, collaboration and support, consisting of:

All community features can be accessed from the top of any page, under the “Community” item on the main site navigation menu.

Anyone can (and everyone should) join the OFS Users group, and can ask permission to join the Federation Members group.  Currently, participation in the Federation group focuses on creating the Federation, at which point Federation membership will solidify a bit.

This functionality is made possible by the wonderful Commons in a Box project!


4 comments for “Open Food Community

  1. Profile photo of andrew eisen
    2015-06-06 at 7:13 pm

    I think UX can really impact participation. Exo-platform ( seems to have the nicest interface iv seen from open source intranet platforms as far as im concerned, especially when it comes to “groups” (which exo defaulty calls “spaces”) and the functionality available to a single “group”/”space” is great, each space can have its own set of apps/features aside from the activity feed like wikis, documents, polling, ++. the community edition of exo is mainly java based, on tomcat.(im a noob, correct me) Offiria and are also open source and seem to be based off of the same basic package as each other(for sure), though i haven’t been able to demo Offiria. I believe they are based on a LAMP server. I must say exo has some preferable features i haven’t seem from Offiria, and exo seems like it has a really solid, extensible platform that works with portlets, and can run all kinds of code . again im a web code noob, this is what iv gathered so far.

  2. Profile photo of Roy Guisinger
    2015-06-06 at 12:05 pm

    I discussed these briefly with @whodaa when we were getting GWCC up and running, but I don’t know anything more about it. Right now, WordPress is the only platform which has had significant integration with OFS (mainly because it is fairly mature and provides an easy documentation front-end). Certainly some oher packages could be brought in with other features. The idea of providing a roadmap for open governance to cooperatives (things like voting) is a great idea.

  3. Profile photo of Ethan Young
    2015-06-05 at 7:27 pm

    no, i haven’t! @guising have you heard of any of the projects @whodaa mentions?

    that could be relevant research with regards to structuring the Federation…! as far as i know, we need to understand the sort of structure we want first, and then look into how to implement it…might be worth starting a discussion thread over at the Federation Forums so we can keep track:

  4. Profile photo of andrew eisen
    2015-06-05 at 5:21 pm

    love it! we want to have a similar “co-op town hall” for the GWCC. Have you viewed exo-platform or offiria/ ? i would love to see a project to maintain open governance software alongside(seperate or with) OFS. both of these web based technologies are things i see as empowering co-ops to do what they’ve always done, but better, in new technologically empowered ways.

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